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Frequently Asked Questions about Helicopter Tours

How much do your helicopter tours cost?
On average, most helicopter tours range from $400-$650. For special occasions and events, the pricing may be a bit different. Since we do many custom tours the cost fluctuates but generally stays within that range. Please inquire for specific cost based on your tour.
Are reservations required?

Yes! Reservations for the helicopter flights are required. Sometimes, however, we can be available on the same day. Just call ahead and talk with Mike to see what times are available.

Where do the helicopter tours take off from?
Our helicopter tours most often take off from the Cherokee County Airport in Ballground. If you would like special arrangements to be picked up at another location please give us a call and we can discuss your options.
What should we bring with us (or NOT bring) ?

To capture the beautiful views of your flight feel free to bring a camera or phone to take pictures. If you would like to capture your helicopter tour on video, bring a video camera too. Please do not bring guns or alcohol.


Speaking of taking photographs or video...

We have wonderful bubble windows that allow you to take photographs or video all around you without obstruction from the helicopter. We can also remove a door for even more crisp photos and professional photographers.

What time of day or night can we fly?

Weather permitting we can fly anytime day or night. Some of the most spectacular views are at sunrise and sunset. The night-time lights are also a beautiful way to experience the city of Atlanta.


How old do you have to be to ride in a helicopter?
Helicopter rides are perfect for all ages. Young children must be accompanied by an adult. Some of the greatest experiences with grandchildren are on a helicopter tour.
How long have you flown helicopters?

I've been flying since forever... well at least it seems that way. We started Alpha Helicopter in 1985 and have been flying high ever since.  🙂 Besides always meeting great people, I enjoy seeing the changing landscape from above


Is the helicopter comfortable?

Our helicopter can accommodate everyone. From very small to very tall. We also have a great heater for cooler morning or evening rides. Yes! it is very comfortable.

Can we choose what we would like to see from the helicopter?

Yes! We often create custom tours. If you would like to fly over your house or a favorite sight. We can do it! Once in a while, there are restrictions with airspace but with proper planning, we can accommodate most requests.

Is smoking or drinking permitted?

While in and around the helicopter, smoking and alcohol are not permitted. As well as firearms. You are welcome to partake in these before or after your flight if you'd like to make a toast for instance on a special occasion.

How many people can ride in the helicopter?

Most tours are best if only two passengers fly with the pilot, however, some exceptions can be made for a third passenger, its all based on the weight of each passenger.

Is there a weight limit per passenger?
Yes, the helicopter manufacturer states there is a 285-pound weight limit per passenger. * Some restrictions will apply, based on temperature and other factors. Call for more details
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About your Helicopter Pilot

Mike started flying in 1980 he came from a military family. Mike is a certified single and twin-engine and helicopter pilot with instrument ratings.

Mike is involved heavily with his local church and his community to include the Chamber of Commerce. Mike and Alpha Helicopter donate a lot of time back to the community and supports many nonprofits. Mike has a history of helping his community and other neighboring states with natural disasters by using his helicopters as needed. As a minister, he is also able to perform weddings during flight.
Mike is an eagle scout and has much interest in and loves to fly! Mike's clients say he is the safest pilot they have ever flown with.
Mike is full of great ideas outside of the box when it comes to helicopter tours or special occasions! Once you talk to Mike, you will  find a friendly voice who listens and is very friendly to his customers

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