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Add a Helicopter to your Next Corporate event! Here's our most popular helicopter options.

Helicopter Rides:

Offer helicopter rides at your next corporate luncheon or outdoor celebration. We can fly in and take two to three people at a time out for a ride in the helicopter during your next corporate function. A helicopter can enhance your next corporate experiences such as an employee appreciation day or company anniversary.

Gift Certificates:

A helicopter tour is an excellent gift. You can also use a Helicopter Gift Certificate for Holiday Gifts, Employee Anniversaries, Door Prizes, and Incentives. From Raffles and Fund Raising to Special Recognition a helicopter gift certificate will WOW your recipients and leave a lifelong impression.

Helicopter Parked at your Business:

Attract more customers and peak curiosity about your business with a Helicopter parked right outside of your building. Flying a helicopter attracts a lot of attention and parking on close to a busy road or as an added attraction brings in many visitors simply because they are curious and wanna know "What's going on?".  If you are planning an outdoor

Holiday Programs:

Easter is the perfect occasion for an 'egg drop' or what better way to fly Santa and Ms.Claus in for your next Christmas party. Helicopters can make a grand entrance and be used to generate excitement for any event.

Alpha Helicopter will give your next corporate function the WOW factor!

Contact us to schedule helicopter rides or flights for your next corporate event.
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